Reactors for chemical and pharmaceutical plants

Chemical reactors

Chemical processing systems, reactors and purifiers are valuable and essential devices in various sectors of the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. OBM, Officina Meccanica Bonazzi Mario, is a company in Leffe, near Bergamo, that designs and constructs this type of industrial machinery and has become a point of reference throughout Italy for its constant commitment to research and updating to respond to market developments.



Custom design of chemical reactors


Several critical factors have to be monitored in the design of industrial chemical reactors: volume, temperature, pressure, concentration and specific heat. The construction of this type of industrial machinery is a very complex process, requiring focus on the need to maximise the yield of the reactions induced by the equipment. These chemical processes are of particular importance in the industrial production of chemicals in general and of pharmaceutical products.


Safety ensured by control panels for the constant monitoring of parameters


Officina Meccanica Bonazzi Mario specialises in the design and construction of chemical reactors made to order for applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company technicians begin with a careful study of the production process to build machinery that can ensure efficient and reliable operation in continuous cycles. The operators can constantly monitor the chemical parameters inside the reactor through control panels, and safety is guaranteed by strict compliance with international manufacturing codes and careful testing.

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