Mixers and solutions for industry

Industrial mixers

Officina Meccanica Bonazzi Mario in Leffe, near Bergamo, are specialists in the supply of mixers for industry, providing innovative and high-performance equipment. Its long experience in the industry has enabled the company to develop components that can meet the needs of an increasingly demanding customer base.


Solutions for the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries


Our workshop in Bergamo develops prompt cutting-edge solutions for streamlining production in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company offers a range of high performance industrial mixers with specific characteristics for mixing liquids and powders, disintegrating solids, mixing liquids of various viscosity, and the dispersion and hydration of gums, stabilisers and thickeners. These machines increase the speed and efficiency of a central phase in the production process of medicinals, chemical compounds, paints and industrial powders. All the equipment produced complies with the latest safety regulations.


The best items for creams and gums

In addition to classic mixers, the items offered include homogenisers with counter-rotating shafts, ideal for the production of creams, and other machinery capable of processing resins, gums and adhesives, even in large batches.

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