Industrial filter dryers

Filter driers for industry

Filter driers, which effectively separate liquids from solids, are fundamental devices for various types of processing, mainly in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The highly versatile and reliable machinery offered by Officina Meccanica Bonazzi Mario Leffe, in the province of Bergamo, is the best solution for all companies requiring guaranteed professional systems that can effectively remove solid residues from liquids or separate precipitated compounds from solutions.


Machinery for chemical and pharmaceutical processing


Our wide range of models allows our customers to always have cutting edge equipment that is right for their needs, thus ensuring constantly high standards of quality and quantity in production.


The most frequently requested items produced by Officina Meccanica Bonazzi Mario include:

  • Nutsche filter dryers;

  • Buchner filters;

  • vacuum dryers;

  • mixers;

  • fermenters;

  • reactors;

  • heat exchangers;

  • agitation units.


Made-to-order equipment for the chemical industry


Thanks to their long experience in the field, the company's technicians are able to advise each customer on the best choices for their needs. The company designs made-to-order machinery based on customers' specifications to meet the precise operating needs of each production process.

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